Our Trip to England




  • at 5:00am at school, start of our trip by bus

  • at 3:00pm, arrival in Calais, taking the ferry to Great Britain

  • after 15 hours with some stops, finally arrival at White Rock Mansion (our hotel) in Hastings

  • in the hotel, we get the instruction

  • sometimes going into the city in the evening

  • going to bed at about 10:30pm


  • after breakfast, a walk through Hastings to visit:

  • a) the Smugglers Cave, the Hastings Castle ruin and the Blue Reef Aquarium ashistorical stops

    with much new and interesting information about the Battle of 1066 and about the Middle Ages in Hastings

  • b)to an British tea ceremony to learn about rules and to enjoy a cup of tea and scones

  • back at the hotel for dinner at about 6:00pm


  • next city stop: Brighton

  • some free-time for shopping

  • later visit of the Royal Pavillion

  • with the support audio guide

  • back in Hastings there is the chance to go to the sea there or to stay at the hotel


  • at first, going to Dover Castle

  • some of us visit the underground hospital, which is quite interesting and the other group explores the castle

  • back at the hotel dinner


  • early in the morning starting off for London

  • during the bus drive, little bit of sightseeing

  • at first visit to Madame Tussauds

  • our last stop: the Globe Theatre,

    for a `Romeo and Juliet` workshop + a guided tour around the Globe (a replica of the former Shakespeare theatre)

  • then we have some free-time

  • evening meal on our own in the area around the Globe

  • late night return in Hastings (at about 10:00pm)


  • after breakfast starting the journey back home

  • every year all of the 9th - graders enjoyed the trip and felt happy about having had a first impression of wonderful England

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